Welcome to Alt Summit!  We want to make sure your experience at Alt Summit is effective and productive! Here are some to-do's and logistical details that will help things run smoothly. Our team is here to help you with all of your sponsorship needs. Please reach out to the following individuals for these issues:


If your sponsorship requires more AV than what is included in your package, we recommend reaching out to:

Michael Wilson: mwilson@avmpinc.com


  • Sales Lead: sponsorship activation ideas, contract, scope of work, or quality issues
    • Jyl Pattee - jyl@altitudesummit.com, 801.971.9335
    • Barbara Jones - barbara@altitudesummit.com, 310.291.6271
    • Paula Bruno  - paula@altitudesummit.com, 203.984.2202
  • Event management:  for vendor recommendations, questions about the hotel, AV, and other logistics.    
    • Erin Stanley - erin@altitudesummit.com, 435.817.3328
  • Sponsor Liaison:  for sponsorship execution, including the timeline, creative asset management e.g., logo, eNewsletter copy, shipping/receiving, invoicing, and more!
    • Kelly Smith- kelly@altitudesummit.com, 406.580.8079

This is a living document and will be updated as need and as circumstances change, so please KEEP THIS LINK and check back. We will keep this list updated with current information that may help you.


Here is a link to a living document with information about attendees, speakers, and current sponsors. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Speakers are still in the process of registering. We will be sure to update this document as they register. 
  • This list does not include attendees who responded "no" to the question, "Is it ok to share your information with our sponsors?"
  • Please be respectful with this information. It can be used for individual outreach, but not newsletter blasts.

In addition, I have created a separate tab for sponsors to add their own contact information. This was brought about because many of you have asked how you can get in contact with other Alt sponsors so that collaborations can take place during the event. 

For example, Day Owl would love to provide their Rose wine for use at events throughout the conference including opening night dinners. If you are interested, please be sure to keep an eye out for their contact information in the google sheet so that you can get in touch with them and make arrangements. 


Please send a high resolution logo in both JPG and EPS formats to kelly@altitudesummit.com.

Please complete this form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6cTZ9gn804wynNLIz7mwFri6O2vs2C3kRaQssL-YvbGlmtg/viewform) to provide us with the information we need to publicize your sponsorship to the Alt Summit 2018 Community. This includes a short blurb about your company (see examples here), your brand’s social media handles and hashtag, and any brand messaging that should go in your eNewsletter feature. All information must be received no later than December 31, 2017.


Want to know more about the floor plan?  Follow this link for information about dimensions, locations, and more. 


Follow this link for all catering options. 


We are thrilled to be moving forward with gift cards as our welcome gift this year! All gift cards will be placed into a wallet (similar to this one, provided by Ju-Ju-Be as an Alt sponsor). Here is what I need from you:

1. Finalize the amount or discount with Kelly, if you have not already. 

2. Keep in mind that if you are a company that does not sell physical product, you can get creative and gift a card from an outside source - it just needs to be pre approved so that we can ensure there are not any conflicts. 

3. Draft of card design to me + Gabby by January 19th. 

•Cards should be standard credit card size (2 by 3.5 inches). 
•They can be printed on thick paper, letter pressed, or plastic. 
•You will be providing 650 cards total. 

4. Cards will need to be sent to Erin no later than February 16th (so that we can get them put into the wallets ahead of time). 

Erin Stanley
1000 E. Oakhill Dr. 
Alpine, UT 84004


The Alt Summit 2018 venue, The Saguaro hotel, is currently sold out. To accommodate you and your team, we have booked additional rooms at the nearby V hotel. Although it is just a short walk, we will have shuttles on a constant loop to and from the V hotel and The Saguaro throughout the event. Go here to make your reservations at the reduced Alt Summit rate of $125 per night. 

If you have already booked rooms at The Saguaro and are willing to switch to the V hotel, please email erin@altitudesummit.com. Thanks in advance!


You will be assigned a load-in time about two weeks before the event. If you use a preferred provider (see below) to execute things, the load-in time will be coordinated through them. If you choose another service or remain independent, the load-in assignment will be made directly with you. 


These companies can help you with furniture, linens, flooring, etc.

Signature Party Rentals
Linda Jenkins: ljenkins@signatureparty.com

Classic Party Rentals in Palm Desert
Sharon Wyler: swyler@classicpartyrentals.com
Crystal Jennings: cjennings@classicpartyrentals.com
760-343-5110 x165357

Rowdy Booth - photo booth and photographer
Taylor Kalander: hi@rowdybooth.com

Swoonful Cotten Candy
Nichole Pyle: hello@swoonful.com

*If you're looking for someone to help you with concept, custom design, and build out, we recommend
Danielle Gibson Events


You can register here using the code you have been sent. Please have each member of your team register separately. You will need to enter a billing address, but no credit card info. If you have questions about the process or how many registrations you have available please email kelly@altitudesummit.com. 


Boxes can arrive at the Saguaro Hotel starting Friday, February 23. Please let Kelly know how many boxes you anticipate shipping directly to the hotel. Mark boxes as follows:

The Saguaro Palm Springs

Attn: Hotel Sales Department


1800 E. Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92264

Because of the limited storage space available at The Saguaro, shipped items can not arrive before Friday, February 23rd.

Storage rates (payable to the hotel) are as follows:

  • $2.50 per box of 40lbs. or less per day

  • $5.00 per box of 41lbs. or more per day

A daily storage rate and shipping fees will be charged to sponsors whose boxes arrive before Friday, February 23, 2018 or for items that are not packaged and shipped after the event.

Forklifts are not available at The Saguaro and are not included in the sponsorship fee. However, we anticipate brands needing a forklift and would be happy to put you in touch with those who request one to share cost if you’d like. Simply ask your Sales Lead or Sponsor Liaison for information and we’re happy to help.