Welcome to Alt Summit. We want to make sure your experience at Alt is effective and productive! If this is your first time at Alt, you are going to love it. If you've been here before, you already do love it (and we love you back!). Here are some notes that will help things run smoothly. 

KEEP THIS LINK and check back. We will keep this list updated with current information that may help you.


If you haven't already, please send a high resolution logo ASAP to erin@altitudesummit.com so we can get it on our website right away. Also send erin@altitudesummit.com two or three lines about who you would like to meet at Alt by December 15.


Dinners will be held on Wednesday, January 20 at 6:30 PM. 

Restaurant choices will be available early December. When we have secured reservations, we will email you the link of restaurant choices. At that point, you will need to either pick a restaurant from our list, or make your own arrangements. Then, just send 2-3 lines to erin@altitudesummit.com regarding who you want to have at your dinner.   

Attendees can choose their dinners beginning early January. 

A final list of attendees to your dinner will be sent to you three weeks before the event begins. The list will be accompanied by a series of best practices that will help your dinner run successfully. 


Alt Summit is a box-heavy event. The clearer you mark your boxes, the easier they will be for the hotel to identify and deliver them to you. 

Boxes can arrive at the Grand America beginning January 18 (no earlier). Mark boxes as follows:

520 South State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Attn:  Contact Name / YOUR BRAND NAME / Event Dates
Box # of # / Deliver to ROOM NAME (if you're unsure of your room name contact erin@altitudesummit.com)

Exhibitors or vendors who send items directly to the hotel will be charged at drayage rates of $50 first box, $25 each additional box. Pallets or crates $100 per 100lbs with a 200lb minimum charge.


We recommend bringing pre-printed mailing labels for your return shipping. This will save you time and hassle. The hotel staff can help you get boxes to UPS, FEDEX or other carriers. 


If you choose to run a contest related to Alt Summit, we want to know about it. Some brands run contests in association with their presence at Alt, or connected to a company launch with a connection to Alt (ex: a ticket to Alt as a prize).  

Please let us know so we can add it to our web site and promote it on our social channels. Send us basic information and a link that sends people to your site with the juicy details. Please give us some warning (don't send us the link the day of) we need time to add it to our pages. 

Keep in mind: we will have 500 attendees for our winter event. Our overall audience is much larger. You may want to open your contest to the larger audience. Also note: the contests with the most success have low barriers of entry and generous prizes. 

Please send contest details to erin@altitudesummit.com


You will be assigned a load-in time about two weeks before the event. If you use Cornerstone (see below) to execute things, the load-in time will be coordinated through them. If you choose another service or remain independent, the load-in assignment will be made directly with you. 


Here is our preferred provider that can help you execute things on site in SLC: 

Mike Jacklin


Go here to make your reservations at the reduced Alt rate. Or call the Grand America directly, remember to mention you are part of the Alt block: 800.304.8696. The discounted rate is available until December 19 so don't delay.


We have really nice things we want to say about you! Please send all social media handles that we can use to promote your brand in relation to this event to erin@altitudesummit.com.


You will be sent instructions and codes to use as you register for Alt Summit. Please register your team before December 19. If you choose to gift some of your tickets to others, please have that done by December 19 as well. 


An Alt rep will be contacting you to line up your Alt Chat. Here are the things needed:

1.  choose a topic
2. choose an image
3. find a quote that can introduce the topic
4. write five questions that can lead the conversation along
5. identify a hashtag to be used
6. determine if you want to offer a prize to a random participant following the chat
7. email items 1-6 to sara@altitudesummit.com

We can add the quote to the image in preparation for the chat. We will rewrite the questions in Alt's voice and send them back to you for final approval. If a contest is part of the chat, the contest will be run by Alt, with Alt's rules. The prize will be provided by the sponsor. Also note, if you want us to put together a pic, a quote and questions, we can do that and send it over to you for approval. Let us know what you would rather do. 

If you want to check out an Alt Chat in advance of your own, just follow the hashtag #altchat on Twitter and you will see good conversation on Wednesday morning at 9 AM PT for an hour or so. 


An Alt rep will be contacting you set a date for your blog post. You may want to consider to connecting the blog post to a planned campaign launch, promotion, or your Alt Chat. 

The topic should have something to do with the business of blogging and the post should be less than 500 words. An accompanying picture should be 2,000 px wide. Send it to kelly@altitudesummit.com for approval. Once it is approved we will put it on the editorial calendar. 


If you are participating in the Alt gift bag, a sample item needs to be mailed by December 1.  The item needs to be true to size and should be accompanied by any printed materials you plan to include.  Keep in mind that attendees are more likely to amplify these items on social channels if they are beautiful or generous or thoughtful or clever or helpful.

Mail to:
Alt Summit
634 E. 1100 S.
St. George, UT 84790

Final items should be sent to the above address by January 1.