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PUBLIC PITCH with Alaska

10 women will each get 5 minutes to pitch Alaska Airlines live on stage, and you get to watch. Ever wondered what it's like to approach a brand with your ideas? Here's your chance to see what it's all about. Alaska will choose winners and announce them at the end of the pitch session. And the prizes are RAD.


WORKSHOP: Learning New Tricks

Part 1: Getting Creative With Passive Income Streams — and juggling more than just services or products to diversify. It can take several methods to the madness in order to meet your bottom line.

Amy Tan of Amy Tangerine

Part 2: Instagram Stories Master Class. A very hands-on workshop that will leave feeling like you have a few new tricks up your sleeve.

Morgan Cornelius of Instagram


WORKSHOP: Podcasting

Why (And How) To PodcastLearn how podcasting can help you reach an existing audience in a new way, help you expand your brand and authority, and lead to new opportunities. This workshop will cover both the how-to nuts and bolts of getting started as well as the "whys." 

Jessie Artigue of Style and Pepper



11 different topics from 11 different women. 15 different topics with 15+ different women. You can hop from table to table, or dive deep on one topic.


1 - Finding Your Voice and Styling Your Dream Life. The importance of recognizing what makes you unique, and the obstacles that come between you and achieving authenticity. We’ll cover visualizing your dream life, setting goals to achieve it, and celebrating the small successes along the journey.
Amanda Perna

2 - Creating Authentic Content. Drawing the line between personal and professional.
Kelsey Nixon

3 - When Corporate Meets Creative. Using business tactics for brand ambassadorship.
Tiffany Brown

4 - Subscription Commerce. How to keep your customers coming back month after month. What kind of products work best for subscriptions, how to keep customers engaged, and how to get the whole thing going.
Maureen Vasquez of Pipsticks

5 - Creating Content for Other Sites. How to create profitable contributor opportunities for yourself and manage them while running your own blog. From finding opportunities, managing an editorial calendar, when to say “No”, how to pitch companies, how to incorporate the content into your own site, and how to balance it all.
Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of Alice and Lois

6 - Mentors & Advisors. We’ve all been told how essential good advisors and mentors are when you’re building a business. But how do you find them? This discussion will spot the right mentors and advisors in your life, help you understand what to expect from your advisors, and what they may expect in return.
Anne Kuo Hyun of Black Twine

7 - Quit Guessing. Use Story-Based Analytics to Make Calculated Decisions about Your Social Media.
Camille Whiting of Friday We're in Love

8 - How To Work With Brands. What you can do to maximize revenue, market yourself to brands, and keep them coming back. For new bloggers or long-time bloggers, this roundtable will review suggested ways to approach brands, pitch brands, and explain how a brand assesses the value of a partnership, and how to wrap up a campaign to maximize renewal potential.
Mugs Buckley of Chairish

9 - Double Your Income! How to Pitch Brands to Work on Sponsored Content without being Salesy. Don’t wait for brands to come to you. Learn to effectively pitch, while showing the brand that the return on their investment will be well worth it.
Jenny Melrose

10 - How to Create Awesome Marketing Emails That Sell — without the Sleaze. Email is your most powerful digital marketing and revenue-generating tool, and outperforms social media at driving traffic and direct conversions. Learn about subject lines that improve open rates, the internal structure of an effective marketing e-mail, copy and value-added content that command attention, and calls to action.
Robin Catalano of Robin Writer

11 - Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Creative Small Businesses. Pinterest has over 200 Million users, 1 billion searches a month, and is used by a majority of women who are ages 25-45. Be sure not to misunderstood or under utilize this important tool. Learn to deliver ideas on Pinterest with simple marketing strategies and actionable tips.
Vanessa Kynes

12 - How to Transition from Wearing Every Hat to Your First Hire. Finding your strengths, identifying your needs, targeting where your money will be best spent on your new hire. (ME: I need some help around here. ALSO ME: no, not like that, here I’ll do it.)
DeNai Jones of Petunia Pickle Bottom

13 - Alt Now What? Create a clear vision of how you want to leverage your Alt Summit experience. Pinpoint your key takeaways, map out a follow up plan and set strategic 30, 60, 90 day goals (both personally and professionally). Then establish achievable action items to intentionally make magic happen! 
Olivia Omega

14- Creating Content That Your Audience Feels A Part Of. Want to have loyal readers who come back to your site over and over again? Help them feel like they're in on the action. Learn how at this roundtable.
Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals

15- Telling Your Story. How to grow your social media following by being authentic about how you share your story.
Mary Heffernan of Five Marys Farm

Earlier Event: March 28
Later Event: March 28