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PANEL: Instagram Growth

With algorithm changes, is it even possible to grow your Instagram naturally these days? These 4 women say: Yes! Because they've done it within the last year. They're ready to take your questions on how to make it happen.

Demi Skipper of Hipster Pins, Tara Nearents of Rad & Happy, Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts, and Jenny Wecker of Fawn Design


WORKSHOP: Weekly Photo Challenge

Whether you take photos with an iPhone or a full-frame DSLR, you’re welcome to participate in our photo challenges. A new theme is announced every Wednesday. Let’s use this week’s Photo Challenge to go over how you can use the WordPress app to publish your photos on the go! Please come prepared with a mobile device with the WordPress app installed as well as access to your account.

Megan Gorski Albritton of

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WORKSHOP: Maker Break

Take a break from panels and classes, and get your crafting on! Three world-famous crafters will have tables full of supplies (thanks, JOANN!), to help you make the coolest wearable crafts and take-home jewelry you've seen in ages. Not in the mood to craft? Then just come hang out and chat — your Maker Break hosts will be talking about creativity, and how to generate original ideas. This Workshop will be filled to the top with Prizes and Giveaways. Yeah! 

Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte, Jodi Levine of Super Makeit, and Amanda Kingloff of Project Kid



15 different topics with 15+ different women. You can hop from table to table, or dive deep on one topic.


1 - Turning Blogging Weaknesses Into Strengths. I blog about fashion but I'm not a typical fashion blogger size, and I don't have the typical fashion blogger budget. I've taken my weakness of not fitting the mold and turned it into a strength. You can do it too.
Janelle Reeves of Janelle in Real Life

2 - Monetizing Your Instagram by Collaborating with Brands. In the past few years we've seen a lot of marketing dollars being poured into Instagram influencers. As a brand, Alice seeks out influencers and also gets approached by Instagrammers to collaborate. She can give advice on ways to get a brand's attention, what brands are looking for, and how Instagrammers can use their Instagram influence to generate income.
Alice Yoo of Skylar Yoo

3 - Stop Living in Fear and Live The Life You Want. I started a nonprofit that has positively impacted the lives of close to 1,000 people (mostly kids) in just under 7 months. By May I'll have tripled that number. My purpose and I now walk together in life and I can help you figure out how to do it also.
Sara Downey Robinson of Rise Up Yoga

4 - DSLR Camera Basics for Business Owners. Bring your questions on manual mode, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and blurry pictures. Bring your camera so we can walk through all the dials and settings.
Meg Calton of Snap Happy Mom

5 - The Art of the Start! Launching a Successful (Product) Business on Amazon: Amazon is one of the most most cost-effective and strategic ways to launch a product business. We will discuss how to launch your product using the resources of the World's Largest Retailer.
Ralinda Harvey Smith of Smart and Charming

6 - Art Journaling 101. Learn how to use the use of art, images and words for increased contentment, creativity and productivity. Deepen, develop, and strengthen your personal brand. (No art skills required.)
Cassandra Russell of The Art Journalist

7 - How to Provide a Delightful Customer Experience. From production creation, through supply chain, all the way to the customer door — including little details, to larger scale innovations.
Viola E. Sutanto of Maika

8 - Planning a Year's Worth of Social Media Content in One Weekend. A step-by-step guide to scheduling a year’s worth of publishing, including blog posts and social media.
Carly Morgan of Camp Carly

9 - Systems to Flow. Many bloggers and creatives are burning themselves out because they are working harder and not smarter. Having clear systems and tools to automate your work is the secret sauce to running a business that flows.
Monique Malcolm of Keep Chasing the Stars

10 - How to License your Art to Companies. From building a body of work for specific product categories, researching companies you'd like to work with, submissions and contracts.
Jeanetta Gonzales

11 - How To Up Your Video Game. From on camera, to best practices, we share what we've learned in over a decade of video content creating.
Summer Bellessa and Brooke White of The Girls With Glasses

12 - Solve the Problem that’s been Plaguing You for 9 Months in 90 Minutes or Less. This discussion will focus on an exercise using innovative problem solving techniques to help you get out of the box and do something fresh and original.
Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire

13 - Site Redesign on a Budget and Design Tips that Will Drive More Engagement.
Sara Walk of Tell Love and Party

14 - How to Put Together a Mastermind and Why You Need One. How a mastermind works, practical tips for putting one together (how to find members), and what direct benefits can be seen from a year of masterminding.
Elisabeth McKnight

15 - Twelve 30-Day Mini Resolutions to A Whole New Business. Take your business to the next level by committing to a new habit each month for an entire year. Take small doable steps towards that huge goal, including productivity, communication and financial habits you take on one at a time. You won’t believe how much can change in a year!
Anne Weil of Flax and Twine

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