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Using Social Media to Jumpstart Your Brand into a Big Business

Rachel Nilsson of Rags to Raches

Niche Markets

You don’t have to have a huge following to be successful if you have the right products for your audience. With 50,000 IG followers, Ali Edwards did $2 million in sales.

Ali Edwards

Multi-Passionate: How to Align Your Passions Into a Cohesive Brand Strategy

The most successful brands are the ones that are a reflection of the person behind it. Learn how to channel your awesome and align your passions into a cohesive business strategy.

Stacey Ferguson of Be Blogalicious

Self Care for Online Influencers

Holding good boundaries, shaking off criticism, negotiating personal vs. public life, maintaining privacy, handling personal life crisis while documenting your life online, and work/life balance.

Kristen Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan and Sarah James of Whoorl


WORKSHOP: Daily Prompts

Sometimes, you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck. Prompts give them a push! At, we publish a new one every morning. Let’s use the Daily Prompt to go over the basics of creating and publishing a post on the run, using the WordPress app. Please come prepared with a mobile device with the WordPress app installed, as well as access to your account.

Megan Gorski Albritton of

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WORKSHOP: Be the Boss and Get What You Want

Part 1: Gain an Understanding of How to Build a High-Functioning A Team
This includes how to manage people regardless of where they are on their learning curve. As a bonus, because you will now know how to let people disrupt themselves, and try something new, you'll become a boss people love and want to work for.

Whitney Johnson

Part 2: How To Embrace The Power of Asking. More. Now. 
Learn what it means to show up in the world as you truly are, with the courage to ask for what you need. Women are taught to be smaller; to be nice, not to ask for too much, not to be too pushy, too bossy or too loud. Many women don't know how to respond to other powerful women. This must change in order for us to collectively rise. 

Cyndie Spiegel of The Community (of Us) and The Collective (of Us)



15 different topics with 15+ different women. You can hop from table to table, or dive deep on one topic.


1 - The Anatomy of a YayDay: How to implement guilt free self-care activities into your daily routine.
 Brittany Robinson

2Campaign Reporting: Stand out to brands and PR companies by curating post-campaign metrics and reader comments into a simple report that will make your brand shine (even if the campaign did not do as well as you hoped!). 
Jamie Dorobek of C.R.A.F.T.

3 - How to Structure Your Blogging-life Into Your Real-life so You Can Get Stuff Done. Learn how to become an amazing task master, list maker, and all 'round get-stuff-done-with-no-excuses-er. 
Sarah Frank Roberts of Frankly Entertaining and Amanda Raba Gentis of Handmade Mood

4 - Launching Into the Digital World When You Aren't the Primary Demographic. (Like maybe you're a woman. Or you're older.)
Jeannie Ralston of Next Tribe

5 - Leveraging Partnerships and the Power of Collaboration. Grow your company by harnessing the power of similar audiences, and create collaborations with designers, artists, companies, and other small businesses. 
Elizabeth Rees of Chasing Paper

6 - How to Transition from a Sponsored Content Model to Digital Product & Digital Courses Model. 
Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry

7 - Visual Upgrade. Simple ways to improve the visual personality of your brand's Instagram feed and social media presence through typography, color scheme, layout, and animation.
Becca Clason

8 - How To Show Your Hustle. Three specific, proven ways to grow your business when you're working solo and starting from scratch. 
Alli Koch of Alli K Designs

9 - Why Creative Entrepreneurs NEED To Be Creating Original Video (and how to make it happen). 
Kallie Branciforte of But First Coffee

10 - The Tools: business plans, elevator pitches, market forecasting and basic financial templates. You need all of these to succeed, and this roundtable has the practical tips and advice you need to create them. 
Morgan Spenla of The Crafter's Box

11 - Niche Blogging and the Power of Narrowing Your Audience. 
Susie Bulloch of Hey Grill Hey

12 - No Fail Negotiation: Learn a proven negotiating process so that you'll get paid well for your work — even with a small or medium blog. 
Caroline Drake of Armelle

13 - Life Hacks: The lessons I’ve learned throughout my entrepreneurial journey from getting fired to interviewing celebrities, to attending Michelle Obama’s White House Summit. Taking the leap of faith to be your own boss in the writing world is no easy feat. 
Dontaira Terrell

14 - PRO Hashtag Tips! How to use hashtags to be seen, but also for research, to look good to sponsors, and so much more. Proven strategies for finding and using hashtags on Instagram, now on Pinterest (as of Sept 2017), and how to avoid common pitfalls. 
Jennifer Priest of Smart Fun DIY

15 - Sometimes You Shouldn't Quit Your Day Job. How to identify if or when you should make your side-hustle your main-hustle. 
Samantha Broxton of Raising Self

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