1. The Anatomy of a YayDay: How to implement guilt free self-care activities into your daily routine
Brittany Robinson
2. Campaign Reporting: Stand out to brands and PR companies by curating post-campaign metrics and reader comments into a simple report that will make your brand shine (even if the campaign did not do as well as you hoped!).
Jamie Dorobek
3. How to Structure Your Blogging-life into Your Real-Life so You Can Get Stuff Done: Learn how to become an amazing task master, list maker, and all 'round get-stuff-done-with-no-excuses-er.
Sarah Frank Roberts and Amanda Raba Gentis
4. Launching into the Digital World When You Aren't the Primary Demographic (Like maybe you're a woman? Or you're older?)
Jeannie Ralston
5. Leveraging Partnerships and the Power of Collaboration: Grow your company by harnessing the power of similar audiences, and create collaborations with designers, artists, companies, and other small businesses.
Elizabeth Rees
6. How to Transition from a Sponsored Content Model to Digital Product and Digital Courses Model
Victoria Hudgins
7. Career Manifestation: Begin successful begins with the way that you think about the work you do, your confidence in yourself, and the belief that you deserve to have your dreams come true. Learn how manifesting your career success goes hand in hand with doing the work.
Brandi Jeter Riley
8.  How to Show Your Hustle: Three specific, proven ways to grow your business when you're working solo and starting from scratch.
Alli Koch
9. Why Creative Entrepreneurs NEED To Be Creating Original Video (and how to make it happen).
Kallie Branciforte
10. The Tools: business plans, elevator pitches, market forecasting and basic financial templates. You need all of these to succeed, and this roundtable has the practical tips and advice you need to create them.
Morgan Spenla
11. Nice Blogging and the Power of Narrowing Your Audience
Susie Bulloch
12. No Fail Negotiation: Learn a proven negotiating process so that you'll get paid well for your work - even with a small or medium blog.
Caroline Drake
13. Life Hacks: The lessons I've learned throughout my entrepreneurial journey from getting fired to interviewing celebrities, to attending Michelle Obama's White House Summit. Taking the leap of faith to be your own boss in the writing world is no easy feat.
Dontaira Terrell
14. PRO Hashtag Tips: How to use hashtags to be seen, but also for research, to look good to sponsors, and so much more. Proven strategies for finding and using hashtags on Instagram, now on Pinterest, and how to avoid common pitfalls.
Jennifer Priest
15. Sometimes You Shouldn't Quit Your Day Job: How to identify if or when you should make your side-hustle your main-hustle.
Samantha Broxton


1. Turning Blogging Weaknesses Into Strengths: I blog about fashion but I'm not a typical fashion blogger size, and I don't have the typical fashion blogger budget. I've taken my weakness of not fitting the mold and turned it into a strength. You can do it too.
Janelle Reeves
2. Topic TBD
Alice Yoo
3. Stop Living in Fear and Live the Life You Want: I started a nonprofit that has positively impacted the lives of close to 1,000 people (mostly kids) in just under 7 months. I can help you figure out how to do it too!
Sara Downey Robinson
4. DSLR Camera Bascis for Business Owners: Bring your questions on manual mode, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and blurry pictures. Bring your camera so we can walk through all the dials and settings. 
Meg Calton
5. The Art of the Start! Launching a Successful (Product) Business: The most cost-effective and strategic ways to launch a creative product business. Starting with how to determine the right approach for your launch, considering your goals and available resources.
Ralinda Harvey Smith
6. Art Journaling 101: Learn how to use the use of art, images, and words for increased contentment, creativity and productivity. Deepen, develop, and strengthen your personal brand (No art skills required.)
Cassandra Russell
7. How to Provide a Delightful Customer Experience: From production creation, through supply chain, all the way to the customer door – including little details to larger scale innovations.
Viola E. Sutanto
8. Planning a Year's Worth of Social Media Content in One Weekend: A step-by-step guide to scheduling a year's worth of publishing, including blog posts and social media.
Carly Morgan
9. Systems to Flow: Many bloggers and creatives are burning themselves out because they are working harder and not smarter. Having clear systems and tools to automate your work is the secret sauce to running a business that flows.
Monique Malcolm
10. How to License Your Art to Companies: From building a body of work for specific product categories, researching companies you'd like to work with, submissions and contracts.
Jeanetta Gonzales
11. Email, Email, Email: Learn how to email quickly and meaningfully multiple times a week (in 25 minutes or less!), how to create a lead magnet and funnel that turns lookers into a committed tribe, and non-sales-y ways to monetize your list. Students will leave the roundtable ready to rock their email.
Kara Kull
12. Solve the Problem That's Been Plaguing You for 9 Months in 90 Minutes or Less: This discussion will focus on an exercise using innovative problem solving techniques to help you get out of the box and do something fresh and original.
Reachel Bagley
13. Site Redesign on a Budget and Design tips that Will Drive More Engagement
Sara Walk
14. How to Put Together a Mastermind and Why You Need One: How a mastermind works, practical tips for putting one together (how to find members), and what direct benefits can be seen from a year of masterminding.
Elisabeth McKnight
15. Twelve 30-day Mini Resolutions to A Whole New Business: Take your business to the next level by committing to a new habit each month for an entire year. Take small doable steps towards that huge goal, including productivity, communication and financial habits you take on one at a time. You won't believe how much can change in a year!
Anne Weil


1. Finding Your Voice and Styling Your Dream Life: The importance of recognizing what makes you unique, and the obstacles that come between you and achieving authenticity. We'll cover visualizing your dream life, setting goals to achieve it, and celebrating the small successes along the journey.
Amanda Perna
2. Creating authentic Content: Drawing the line between personal and professional.
Kelsey Nixon
3. When Corporate Meets Creative: Using business tactics for brand ambassadorship.
Tiffany Brown
4. TBA
5. Creating Content for Other Sites: How to create profitable contributor opportunities for yourself and manage them while running your own blog. From finding opportunities, managing an editorial calendar, when to say "No", how to pitch companies, how to incorporate the content into your own site, and how to balance it all.
Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon
6. Mentors and Advisors: We've all been told how essential good advisors and mentors are when you're building a business. But how do you find them? This discussion will spot the right mentors and advisors in your  life, help you understand what to expect from your advisors, and what they may expect in return.
Anne Kuo Hyun
7. Quit Guessing: Use Story-Based Analytics to Make Calculated Decisions about Your Social Media
Camille Whiting
8. How to Work with Brands: What you can do to maximize revenue, market yourself to brands, and keep them coming back. For new bloggers or long-time bloggers, this roundtable will review suggested ways to approach brands, pitch brands, and explain how a brand assesses the value of a partnership, and how to wrap up a campaign to maximize renewal potential.
Mugs Buckley
9. Double Your Income: How to pitch brands to work on sponsored content without being sale-sy. Don't wait for brands to come to you. Learn to effectively pitch, while showing the brand that the return on their investment will be well worth it.
Jenny Melrose
10. How to Create Awesome Marketing Emails That Sell – Without the Sleaze: Email is your most powerful digital marketing and revenue-generating tool, and outperforms social media at driving traffic and direct conversions. Learn about subject lines that improve open rates, the internal structure of an effective marketing e-mail, copy and value-added content that command attention, and calls to action.
Robin Catalano
11. Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Creative Small Businesses: Pinterest has over 200 million users, 1 billion searches a month, and is used by a majority of women who are ages 25-45. Learn to deliver ideas on Pinterest with simple marketing strategies and actionable tips.
Vanessa Kynes