What is Alt Together?
Any other perks for Alt Together ticket holders?
What are the dates for Alt Together?
Who should buy a ticket to Alt Together?
How much does it cost?

What's your refund policy?
How do I join the Facebook Attendee Group?

Will I be watching content live?



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What is Alt Together?
It's a digital, online version of our famed, sold-out, in-person conference. With over 1300 people on our waiting list, we created an awesome way for  more people to have access to the amazing keynotes, speakers, teachers, classes, and workshops that happen at the event. So at this year's conference in Palm Springs, we'll be having every session professionally recorded on video, and we'll upload all the content to a private Facebook Group, where Alt Together tickets holders have exclusive access.

With an Alt Together ticket, you'll get every session of the Alt Summit conference, delivered to your laptop or tablet (or phone!) where you can watch at your convenience.

Plus, you'll receive a fabulous Alt Summit gift box shipped right to your door!

Any other perks for Alt Summit Digital ticket holders?
Yes! There certainly are. In addition to access to ALL the classes, and the deluxe gift box, Alt Together ticket holders get early access registration for our next conference. That's a BIG deal. It means in June, when the next Alt Summit tickets go on sale, Alt Together ticket holders can say goodbye to the wait list and get bumped up to the front of the line. They'll get a chance to buy their ticket before sales open to the general public.

And there's more! An Alt Together Host will be broadcasting live from the conference, exclusively to Alt Together ticket holders. The host will check in with LIVE interviews of speakers and attendees, she'll give you a tour of the conference spaces and hotel and sponsor booths, and keep you in the know whenever something particularly cool is going on. You'll feel like you're right there in Palm Springs.

Plus, the host will be broadcasting special classes for the Alt Together ticket holders leading up to the conference too. These classes will be taught by experts in the Alt Summit community. They'll be packed full of knowledge and helpful information.

So much content for a one low price!

What are the dates for Alt Together?
We'll be posting videos of classes, keynotes, and more during and after the Alt Summit conference in Palm Springs, which takes place on February 26-28, but you can watch them anytime. 

Who should buy a ticket to Alt Together?
If you've been trying and trying to attend an Alt Summit conference, but haven't been able to make it happen, this digital version will be just the thing to relieve your Alt Summit FOMO. It's also an ideal option if the introvert in you is stressed out by the idea of meeting so many online friends in real life, or if you worry about making friends at in-person events. And lastly, it's by far the most affordable way to experience an Alt Summit conference.

How much does an Alt Together ticket cost?
Just $279. Plus, you don't have to spend any budget on travel or hotel!

What's your refund policy?
No refunds and no exchanges. If you aren't available the dates of the conference, no stress, you can watch all the videos at your convenience.

How do I join the private Alt Together Facebook Group?
If you're an Alt Together ticket holder, we'll add you to the Facebook Group. Not only can you connect with other like-minded attendees, but this is how the exclusive Alt Together content will be delivered as well.

If you don't use FB very much, don't worry, interacting and watching the videos via the group is super easy. Keep in mind that we can only add individuals (not business pages) to the group.

Will I be watching the content live?
Possibly. Some content will be delivered live, like speaker interviews and sponsor highlights. The classes and sessions of the conference will also be recorded live, but will available to watch later.