Let's Party!

Are you ready to party it up at Alt Winter 2016? We are! And we want you to have a hand in planning the fun. For the last few conferences we have invited creative and talented Alt Summit community members to hose our Mini Parties. (What are Mini Parties? On the last night of the conference, in adjoining meeting rooms, Alt Summit throws a lot of parties--around 10 or so! --each one with a different look, food, and hosts.)

For January’s conference, we want to do the same thing. This time we have partnered with Maurices, and once again we are inviting you to come up with teams and submit your best party ideas. Think: fun, over the top, and visually fabulous!

You have 1 week to complete your submissions: your proposals are due by Monday, November 2nd, at 5 PM PT. Selected teams will be announced on Monday, 11/9 on the Alt blog.

Interested? Here's what you need to do: 

Collaborate with two friends and create a shared/public Pinterest board with the title "Alt Mini Party Inspiration" that will knock our socks off (but keep time frame and budget in mind).

Follow these links to what the Alt Winter 2015 and Alt Winter 2014 Mini Party winners came up with. We did something similar for the Alt Winter 2014 Mini Parties - check out this winning Pinterest board as an example. 

Be sure to:

  1. follow Alt Summit and Maurices on Pinterest
  2. include a short description of your party on your shared group board
  3. pin what you might wear to your party, using Maurices as a source of inspiration
  4. incorporate a variety of clever and engaging party elements
  5. use the hashtags #myaltparty and #altlovesmaurices in each pin description

Then be sure to:

Send an email to kelly@altitudesummit.com by Monday, November 2nd, at 5 PM PT with the following details, for your chance to party it up with the best of the best:

  • The name of your team leader and a contact phone number and email
  • A listing of team members and their websites
  • The name of your party theme
  • A link to your Pinterest board

If chosen one team member will publish a blog post with details about the party. This post will include a tracking link provided by Maurices and will show off some of the items that came from Maurices. We will talk with you about this post before you agree to the party, but please note that it is part of the collaboration. 

We will also ask that your team is active on Instagram by sharing one before picture, one during picture, and one after picture of the your mini party. Alt will choose one or more of those photos to share (with credit to the photographer) on the Alt account. 

Note: Maurices is a sponsor of the Alt Winter Conference and has provided prizes for this contest.  Alt is the sponsor and organizer of this contest.

If chosen as one of our party hosts, your team will receive:

- 3 complimentary tickets to Alt Summit Winter, happening  in Salt Lake City in January 2016 

- $1000 to execute the party

- 3 $100 gift cards to Maurices allowing you to buy a piece or two to wear to your party. As the host, we want you to look great!



If selected and confirmed, you are booked.  If for any reason you cannot 100% guarantee your completion of this project, please do not apply. If a team member has to drop out because of schedule conflicts, please continue on as planned; you can replace a team member if needed.


You will receive $1000 cash for party supplies and $300 in Maurices gift cards. You will also receive 3 complimentary conference passes. All expenses over that amount are the responsibility of the team. Please note: travel expenses and hotel rooms for party hosts will not be covered.


Yes, you will receive 3 tickets to Alt SLC, but you are welcome to have more members on your team. Please note: the additional team members will not have access to the conference unless they already have conference passes.


Food for your party will be provided. This expense is not included in your stipend. So you can focus your budget on glamming up the party!


Donated items from other brands can be used but please refrain from using the words “sponsored by” for anyone other than Alt Summit and Maurices for your party. These parties are officially sponsored by Maurices and Alt. If you have any specific questions about donated items, please contact Kelly (kelly@altitudesummit.com). 


Please note that you are also responsible for some of the less glamorous parts of the party. Remember to consider that your team may miss parts of Friday’s sessions while you set up final details for the party. You will have access to the rooms on Wednesday if your team wants to get in early for set up. This keeps you from missing all of Friday's programming. 

You will also be responsible for shipping and transport for all items to the party room, so consider local SLC sources, or how easily things can pack and ship. Also think about the ease of setup in your designs, are your products hang-and-go or more involved?

Finally, remember, you are also responsible for takedown and removal of decor and props for your party. This is just like a party at home, a really big one, and the hostess is responsible for clean up.