Social Media Manager
The social media manager oversees all Alt Summit social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter). This includes managing an editorial calendar that aligns with our marketing calendar, scheduling announcements, posting daily, interacting with the Alt Community Members, gathering relevant articles/posts particularly from creators and publishers in the Alt Summit community, strategizing and experimenting in order to grow our following, and encouraging engagement. This is a part-time position totaling 25-30 hours per month.

Skills needed:

  • Strong understanding of how to create value through content and translate that value into actionable business outcomes
  • Strong writing and proofreading skills
  • Strong visual instincts and basic knowledge of photo editing
  • Creative thinker with desire to test innovative solutions
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Awareness of the intricacies, changes and updates of each platform 
  • The ability to work independently and problem solve confidently

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