Altitude Summit 2018 Call-for-Speakers Guidelines

The Alt Summit 2018 Call-for-Speakers is officially open! We can't wait to hear what YOU want to hear. What topics would you like to see covered? Who would you like to hear speak? Have an idea for a panel you'd like to present on? We want to hear it all. 

What We're Looking For

Alt Summit panels and speakers have a reputation for being A++. Thoroughly prepared, beautiful imagery, useable takeaways, engaging discussions. Plus general brilliance. No pressure.

Though prior Alt Summit attendance is not required, priority may be given to pitches from speaker applicants who have attended Alt Summit in earlier years since they've seen first hand the level of presentation attendees expect.

We hope you'll take a look at past schedules herehere, and here to get an idea of the kind of topics that are covered at Alt Summit.

Please Note

Alt Summit speakers receive a complimentary full registration. But hotel, airfare and travel expenses are not covered. If you're registered for the 2018 conference already, and then get invited to speak, the purchase price will be promptly reimbursed. 

How to Submit

A) If you're suggesting a speaker (not yourself), simply send us their name, url and why you'd like to hear from them at Alt Summit. If you're suggesting a well-known speaker, and you know the speaker personally and can make an introduction, please let us know that as well.

B) If you yourself would like to speak, please send (in the body of an email, not as an attachment):

1- Subject Line: [SPEAKER NAME] 2018 Speaker Pitch. (Example: GABRIELLE BLAIR 2018 Speaker Pitch)

2- Your name, website url(s), and preferred email address. 

3- If you've attended a previous Alt Summit conference.

4- The topic idea, and a couple sentences about the topic, if it's not self-explanatory. Let us know if you see this as a panel discussion, or as a stand alone topic delivered by one speaker (yourself).

5- If you're suggesting a panel, include the names of possible fellow panelists that could speak about the topic with authority. Please note: The panelists you suggest may or may not be asked to join the panel. In fact, the panelists you suggest may have already sent in their own ideas. So this part is just for our reference, so we can get an idea of what you're imagining for this panel.

6- If you're not asked to speak on this topic/panel, would you be interested in speaking on another panel? If yes, what other topics do you have an expertise in?

Please email the information to: by September 30th, 2016.

Once You Apply, Here’s What to Expect

The Call for Speakers ends on the last day of September, and pitches will begin to be processed the first business day of October. Expect to be contacted with a yes or no by the end of October. If you haven’t heard back by then, we may have you on a short list of potential speakers that are being considered based on possible changes to the schedule. If you haven’t heard back from us by November 15th, feel free to be in touch.

One Last Thing

If you're asked to speak, the topic you suggest may not be what you're asked to speak on (and you may not be asked to speak with the panelists you suggest). Sorry about that! By sending a pitch, we're assuming you're interested in speaking at Alt Summit in general. And if we have another panel that you're well qualified for, we might place you there instead. You will, of course, have the chance to say yay or nay to whatever we propose. Thanks for being flexible.

Thank you so much for your interest in speaking at Alt Summit — or suggesting a speaker/topic. We can't wait to hear what you have in mind.