Blogging 101: Driving Traffic with Strong Visuals

How does a site capture your attention? If you’re like most people, after the design of a site—its look and feel—you’re drawn to the imagery.

But before you can discover a site, other imagery grabs you. Today, it's more important than ever to lead with strong visuals for your calling card on your social media platforms.

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Photography 101: Capturing Life

We live in a world covered in pictures. And with the availability of camera phones and reasonably priced DSLRs, everyone is an expert, and most will see right through images snapped in haste. Now not every picture has to be perfect and styled to the max. Instead, think about expressing meaning, purpose, and a story within the photos you take. These five tips will help you add emotion and connection to your visual storytelling.

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How To Capture A Connection

By: Jennifer Little

1. Love

We all love our children, but capturing the emotion of love is not always easy. It’s easy to keep the camera away from the calm moments throughout the day to avoid disruption. Turn off the flash, prepare your exposure properly, and grab one sweet shot.

2. Laughter

I love capturing a true laugh between family members. I seek genuine moments where real connections burst through the photo. Wait for a humorous moment rather than forcing a laugh.

3. Connection

Connections are not always between people. Often times your children will zone in on desires such as ice cream or a special toy. In these moments, you can photograph specific expressions that explain just what they’re thinking.

4. Tenderness

Capture these sweet, soft moments by following your subject through the lens. When the tender moment presents itself, grab the shot.

5. Comfort

Moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas all provide comfort throughout the day. A hug goes a long way and means so much. These moments are truly sweetest when the child initiates the hug. Make sure to have your camera handy and take advantage of the moment.

6. Favorite Activity

Reading, writing and playing all generate special feelings and expressions. Don’t ignore these quiet times. Sneak around the corner and grab that one shot before you distract your child.

7. Care

Sometimes we try so hard to satisfy and comfort our babies, and nothing seems to satisfy them. We feel their frustration and pain. Sometimes a warm cuddle and a captured moment is the sweetest.

8. Drama

All of our children have their moments that require our full attention. It might be caused by hurt feelings or even an injury. Whatever the cause, there will be moments when mom or dad can make it all better.

9. Siblings

On most occasions brothers and sisters play well together but often they argue. However, on really special occasions they will show their true love for each other.

10. New Friends

I love capturing a connection between two tiny new friends. They seem to instantly connect, there are no inhibitions, and they almost always find something in common. Even without carrying on a conversation they are able to communicate.

Set Yourself Up For Success

By: Jennifer Little

Today is all about making your shoots at home as successful as possible. I hope to offer you some tips that will make your family shoots work for you so that you are happy with your photos for years to come.

Clear the Clutter

Keep the background and foreground simple and free of distractions. Let the focus of your photo be on your subjects. Remove miscellaneous toys, laundry, snacks and groceries from the photo. Feel free to keep large-scale architectural elements such as lamps, accessories and artwork in the photo as long as they don’t render all the attention. Clean photos will give you a fresh modern feel.

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