Friday Links: Tackle Your Contact Page Like a Pro

The perfect contact page can make the difference between engaging with your dream brand or not. But what should your page look like and what tone should it take once you've nailed the basic ingredients? 

Every blog community, business, and situation is different so it is best to take a good long look at what there is to offer and who might be wanting to get in contact. Your page should reflect your personality and make it clear who you want to work with (or alternately who you don't want to work with). Here are seven stand out contact pages from some of our Alt Summit Speakers to inspire you.

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Blogging 101: Getting Organized with Editorial Calendars

Editorial calendars don’t have to be complex. Part of their value lies in being able to space out labor-intensive posts, such as DIYs or styled photo shoots, to work with your time constraints and fill in other days with curated content or from the archives pieces. They can unleash your creativity and reduce the number of times you'll be scrambling at the last minute to get a post live.

A few members of our Alt Community share how to create one, the tools to use, and a few tips on working with an editorial calendar.

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Spring Cleaning Your Business

By: Sara Urquhart. Photography by: Amanda Catherine Designs

Whether or not the sun is officially shining in your town, spring is here and it’s time to look around and make some improvements.  Find some inspiration below to help you spruce things up around your business.

  • Pick up that business book you keep hearing about (or take time read that one that’s been sitting on your desk for a few months)
  • Find a potential mentor, and ask if she’ll share her wisdom
  • Develop an accountability partnership with a friend or colleague who has similar interests
  • Tweak your site design
  • Refresh your bio
  • Update your profile photo
  • Choose two loose ends that are bothering you and put a deadline for them on your calendar
  • Take a baby step toward something big you want (and calendar a deadline for that, too)