Sold Out + Contest Winners

Sold Out

We hope you have your ticket to Alt Summit Winter 2015 because as of today we officially SOLD OUT! We are so excited to meet with all of you in real life, and are trying to wait patiently till January. 

In meantime, we are making great use of the lively Facebook group. We hope you will join us there! Introduce yourself, find new friends, and make plans together! Getting involved early on is a great way to make the most of the conference.


We were absolutely blown away with each of the mini-party submissions! We received over twice as many as last year with such creative ideas and obvious enthusiasm that narrowing down the list felt impossible. In the end, we picked six teams that were able to balance and compliment each other while displaying a unique, never-been-see-at-Alt point of view.  

Huge congratulations to the following teams:

Saturday Tours

While we are congratulating, let us get excited for these five people: Sara NealCarly MorganJenica ParcellStasia SavasukKamie Marshall and Amanda Tennant.

Each will be hosting fabulous city tours on the last day of Alt Winter. Food, shopping, history, photography - these small group tours are a great way to get outside and get to know a bit of Salt Lake City.

We will announce themes, plus more surprises and details, in the coming months for both the parties and the tours. Stay tuned!