Blogging 101: Share Your Plan and Your Successes with a Media Kit

Been blogging for awhile and looking to take it further? If you are hoping to take your blogging career to the next level, a great way to state your intention is to create a media plan. A media kit is a great first step towards working with brands or even collaborating with other bloggers. Make it easy for a brand to recognize your benefits and outstanding work by presenting them with a well-crafted media kit.

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Friday Links: Round Up of Stellar About Pages

Like your physical business card, your About page, your digital business card, needs to shine. Depending on your type of business and site, there are three approaches you can take: Concise and Effective, A Team Effort, or A Husband and Wife Affair.

We round up some of our favorite About pages from Alt Summit alumni. Know a great one that we missed? Share it with us in the comments.

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