Announcing Alt Winter 2016 Opening Keynotes!

In June we opened our Summer Conference with four speakers. It wasn’t a panel. It was four stand-alone speakers. Four internet powerhouses. Four women. Each one with a brilliant message.

And it turns out, that Opening Keynote was so good, that before it had even ended, the decision was already made: we would invite another four amazing women to open our Winter Conference as well.

Would you like to meet them? We are delighted and honored to introduce the Alt Winter 2016 Opening Keynote Speakers

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Alt Summer 2015 Keynotes

People come to Alt Summit for many reasons. Some love the chance to discuss the ever-changing field of blogging and social media - they can't wait to talk with peers about what's working and what's next. Others come to make connections, to collaborate, and to facilitate change. And everyone is hoping for a hefty dose of inspiration. The sort of inspiration that gets you fired up about your work, about your goals, and about your life. Happily, Alt Summer is absolutely overflowing with inspiration. For example, today we are thrilled to announce the keynotes of Alt Summer! 

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Keynotes for Alt Winter 2015

Less than two weeks from now we'll be gathering to hear four amazing keynote speakers. Each of these keynote speakers had a big dream and were able to achieve it unconventionally. Our dream for you is to leave our conference with fresh perspective on not only what you want to achieve, but how you can realistically achieve it.

Curious who we've chosen to inspire you? Read on and prepare to have your mind blown.

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