Hobby Vs. Career

By Sara Urquhart. Photo by: Justin Hackworth 

One of the greatest things about blogging is its diverse application—it’s easy to start a blog and anyone can share her voice, whether it’s as hobby or for a job.

Blogging for fun and blogging for business are both great ways to engage in the online world, but like crossing a line in the sand, a blogger’s financial success requires a deliberate choice to become a professional. Strategic, focused action is necessary to build her business.

Every business venture requires an investment of either time or money, and usually both. Bloggers are no different than other small business owners who must decide how much time and/or money they’ll invest in their new endeavor. For example, if you don’t have money to invest in your site, you invest your time learning how to design, photograph, make videos or code. If you have money to invest in design, photography, or perhaps contributors, you invest less time in those aspects of your business.

Just like other business ventures, bloggers have to be prepared to work creatively and work hard. Beginning bloggers may have to do great work for free at first, and will definitely need patience while things grow. Although blogging is always a flexible environment, once you’ve crossed the line, you’re obligated to post consistently and meet sponsor and reader expectations.

If you enjoy the blogging space, but you’re not interested in blogging professionally, or if you crossed the line to professional and decided it’s not for you, embrace blogging as a hobby. You may find work through collaborations or becoming a contributor. Enjoy the benefits of the community, the content, and the inspiration without the pressure of meeting sponsor accountability.