Conferences 101: Practice with Family First

We hope you're enjoying a long and relaxing weekend full of outdoor picnics, large gatherings, and most importantly curious relatives who have no idea what you do for a living (or hobby if blogging isn't a full-time gig yet). While enjoying this time with your family, remember that this is the perfect opportunity to practice your elevator pitch. 

If you're uncertain what your elevator pitch should include, start with these four elements. 

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Attending Conferences 101: Perfecting the Elevator Pitch

Talking about ourselves is often the hardest task we tackle as creatives. We so want to make a good first impression that we stumble trying to remember words to an "elevator pitch." An elevator pitch is a thirty second or less, one to two sentence summary of who we are and what we do. It's a verbal summary of our story. And the secret to getting better at telling our own story? Stumbling through a few awkward exchanges in front of an encouraging, receptive, supportive community like Alt.

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