Alt Chat: Creating Work You Love

Everywhere where you turn an article or a person is giving you another “should.” You should post consistently. You should promote yourself on social media. I don’t know about you, but all these shoulds are enough to paralyze me. I need to remind myself as long as I love the work I'm creating I can give myself the occasional pass when I deprioritize a should.

Join the Alt community on Twitter Wednesday morning (tomorrow) May 20th at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET for an hour-long chat about what tips you have for avoiding becoming overwhelmed, how you define success, choose which projects you’ll work on and which ones you’ll pass on, and more.

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Alt Chat Wednesday: Keeping Your Passion Alive

Following your dreams takes effort. The passion we feel when we start the journey can wane, as our business doesn’t grow as quickly as we’d hoped. Or, our business grows and we move away from what we love to manage our business. 

Join the Alt community and our co-host Tiny Prints on Twitter Wednesday morning (tomorrow) March 18th at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET for an hour-long chat about how to keep your passion alive while pursuing your dreams. 

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Finding YOUR Optimal Skill Set

By: Sara Urquhart Photo by: Justin Hackworth

I firmly believe that we’re most successful when we’re doing the things that make us feel alive, the things that naturally bring us joy. What’s something you’ve always loved since you were young? What are the things you enjoyed most when you were in high school? Often we’re led to believe we’ll be successful in careers that require training outside our natural gifts, and neglect our innate ability to throw together a perfect flower arrangement or lay out a beautiful page of text with ease and grace.

I was recently at a location in my hometown where I planned a regional dance as a high school student. I remembered how I’d advertised for the dance, arranged for parking and restrooms, planned for food on a one level of the venue, and the location of the DJ on another level. As I recalled the details I’d considered, my husband and I laughed to realize I’m now doing the very same thing. Alt is on a different level and for a different audience, but the spirit of the work is the same. Planning events is something that’s always come naturally to me, and something I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed. Using those skills has allowed me to develop a career and community I love.

Remember that just because something comes easily to you doesn’t mean everyone can do it. If a skill is especially easy for you, and you shine doing it, that could be an indication that it’s something you need to pursue and develop. When you can put your finger on the thing that is your unique gift, own it and protect it. Develop working relationships and a business environment that support your personal strengths. Be true to the genius that makes your work yours.