Elements of a Good Pitch

By: Sara Urquhart. Photography by: Melanie Blodgett

A pitch will be successful when you can meet the needs of the client, and so good pitches always begin with an understanding of the clients’ needs. The key here is to listen, listen, listen. What does the brand want? What are they looking for? If they’re interested in social media buzz, that pitch will look completely different than if they want deep and concentrated attention. 

To create your pitch, you’ll need to ask a simple question that might intimidate you, but shouldn’t: “What’s your budget for this project?” Every project will have a budget, and this is an easy way to start the conversation about price. Knowing the budget helps you tailor your pitch and also gauge whether the project is worth your time.

Keep pitches to one page (maybe two), and beware of appearing that you’re mass-pitching. Make sure you include something that customizes your pitch to that specific brand, such as a reference to an in-person conversation or an email exchange.

Your pitch is your response to what the brand needs, and how your relationship can help them achieve their goals within their budget. Simply put, a good pitch is a compelling proposal to help a brand meet its goal.


Spring Cleaning Your Business

By: Sara Urquhart. Photography by: Amanda Catherine Designs

Whether or not the sun is officially shining in your town, spring is here and it’s time to look around and make some improvements.  Find some inspiration below to help you spruce things up around your business.

  • Pick up that business book you keep hearing about (or take time read that one that’s been sitting on your desk for a few months)
  • Find a potential mentor, and ask if she’ll share her wisdom
  • Develop an accountability partnership with a friend or colleague who has similar interests
  • Tweak your site design
  • Refresh your bio
  • Update your profile photo
  • Choose two loose ends that are bothering you and put a deadline for them on your calendar
  • Take a baby step toward something big you want (and calendar a deadline for that, too)

Three Tips for How to Keep Readers on Your Site

By: Melanie Burk. Artwork by: Sandy Welch

In today's world, keeping readers on your site is simply a race against the clock. With the advent of instagram, pinterest, and the veracious amount of information on the internet, our viewers have become accustomed to a "scroll, scroll, scroll" quick glance at your content, and then  with a click they are gone. 


In fact, I have found that for most of my blogger clients, users spend an average of 2 min to 2 1/2 minutes on their site. If you don't believe me–check your analytics! Viewers are spending less and less time on sites, and now the trick is not only getting viewers to your site, but keeping them on your site. 


Here are a few design tricks that can really help your viewers really focus on your site and actually read your blog content.

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