Getting Good - From Beginner to Expert

We read a lot of blogs, digest the content, and critique this and that, but it does not mean that we ourselves can create a blog and expect that it be tasty right off the bat. Authenticity is a great start, but content, styling, voice, and consistency also play important roles. And the truth is, those things take a lot of practice. Here are five tips to help your brand get good.

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5 Blogs That Rock Original Content

By: Melanie Blodgett Image by: Besotted Blog

With the saturation of blogs, creating content that stands out is becoming more and more important. Luckily original content comes in all shapes and sizes so there is always a place for more creation. Today I’m sharing five blogs that set a high standard for content in the hopes that they’ll inspire you.

Design Love Fest

I’m pretty sure Bri is prepping to take over the world. A lifestyle blog that covers a variety of topics, what really makes Design Love Fest stand out is how each post is taken to a professional, editorial level (often by collaborating with talented friends) and given the Bri spin. Even the product posts are made original with creative layouts.

Pencil Box

Katie’s blog is original because it’s all about her life and family, something that nobody else is experiencing. What makes it appealing to more than just her mom is the beautiful photos that accompany each post, her writing style and friendliness, and the glimpses she gives into her life showing the beauty she sees in the everyday.

Mer Mag

Just one glimpse at Merrilee’s blog and you’ll be able to see her outstanding talent. Mostly a diy blog, I think what makes it successful is that Merrilee focuses on what she knows best and creates art and projects that come naturally to her. And convinces you your final product will turn out as great as hers.

100 Layer Cakelet

Cakelet is a prime example of a niche blog that’s curated and edited with consistent styling and top notch finds to create a beautiful site with original content.

Wit & Delight

Not only is the layout of this blog original, Kate has a talent of finding products and topics that you haven’t already seen hashed out all over the place. Her witty writing adds to the appeal of the blog.

Introduce Yourself Like a Pro

By: Sara Urquhart. Image by: Justin Hackworth

As an entrepreneur, you have to be your best representative for your work, your brand, and your projects, and that means introducing your business clearly and concisely. Whether you first meet someone in person or online, describing your work succinctly indicates your ideas are solid and informed, and that you’re an articulate, clear thinking professional.

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