Alt for Everyone Fall 2014 Gift Box

By: Sara Urquhart of Alt Summit; Photos by: Kelly Smith

Here at Alt we love discovering shops and handmade products and sharing those finds with you. When we select items, we're looking for a mix of whimsy, inspiration, sweetness, and practicality. We want to leave you with a smile on your face, excited for your upcoming event. A special thank you to these amazing businesses who helped us fill the gift boxes. 

Maison confiserie et boutique of Salt Lake City, who supplied the lemon sours in our signature yellow. One of our favorites. 

National Geographic Kids Animal Jam gifted beautiful, handcrafted rings from Kali Mellus made of oolitic sand that comes from Antelope Island out in the Great Salt Lake. Animal Jam introduces kids to science, technology, engineering, and medicine in fun ways. 

Elizabeth Weil of Paperwheel made us laugh. Her card is the perfect reminder to us and creatives everywhere that we need to look up from our devices and take in the world around us.

Ashley of SmashTat  gifted floral temporary tattoos. Would you give yours away, throw it on today or save it for the weekend? What part of the body would it adorn?

We all want to put our best forward, but sometimes things don't go as planned. Beth Allen reminds us not to take ourselves to seriously and to shake it off when we make mistake; after all we're only human.

Creatives work very hard, often filling every waking hour. Take a moment now, grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, light a Fresh Wave candle and relax for a moment or two. While you sit, your candle will be eliminating any odors around you naturally.