Alt Summer 2015 Parties!

Get ready to mix-and-mingle at the evening parties on Wednesday and Thursday.

Black and White Pre-Internet Party

On Wednesday night, we're going back, back, back to pre-Internet days. Pre-Internet? Remember that? No Facebook, no Instagram, no smartphones? Those days feel like a long, lost memory, but we're bringing it all back to you during our Wednesday night party with a smashing dose of technological nostalgia. What to wear? Keep it casual and wear anything that's black or white (or both!). This party has so much fun stuff in the works including a photo booth styled by Alix Adams, Melissa Esplin, and Megan Bailey. It might be our favorite party theme ever. Be excited! 

Pink Picnic Party

Then on Thursday evening, we'll be welcoming Summer with a Picnic Party! Hayneedle will be on hand to make this party fabulous, and you can expect summertime delights in the gorgeous outdoor courtyard. For this event, we're thinking pink! So if you're planning something to wear, get inspired by any and all shades of that rosy hue. Then get ready to get your picnic on! 

There are five teams of talented Alt Summer attendees helping us plan the party:

So expect to have an amazing evening. We can't wait to show you what they've worked up!