Friday Links: Social Media Bios Tell All

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Sometimes the best way to see what works is to look at what the pros are doing and follow their example. Now, we are not saying to copy them, instead we want you to start to notice patterns and similarities. In each of the examples we brought to the table, it is clear that the blogger had a well-thought plan. They chose to follow the formula when appropriate, but they weren't afraid to make a bold statement in a consistent/on-brand way.

On Instagram, Gabby of Design Mom typically links to her blog, but with her book now released she is choosing to mention an outstanding review and link to her book on Amazon.

Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked is very clear from start to finish on Instagram by listing baby moccasins right next to her name, including a marketing (appeared on Shark Tank) bio, and of course linking to her shop.

Melissa from The Faux Martha explains on Instagram who she is and what she does, how her audience can get involved with community hashtag points, what kind of photos she features on her feed, and where to find her blog.

Hilary from Dean Street Society has put all her focus on Instagram, her most powerful tool for business marketing. So, on her Twitter feed she clearly states that the party is on Instagram and links to that account.

Kelly of Studio DIY uses consistent phrasing and tag lines on Twitter, but instead of pointing followers to her blog she links to her Pinterest account. Kelly's content often goes viral on Pinterest so pointing to that social media channel makes perfect sense.

Rachel of Handmade Charlotte uses her typical tag line and is very consistent by using brand verbs on her Pinterest page. She links to her blog and, after heading over, it is fun to see that her blog template gives a nod to the Pinterest format. They go hand in hand and feed each other daily.

Joy from Oh Joy gets straight to the point making consistency the king of her content on Pinterest. Her Pinterest boards are clear to understand and often relate to columns featured on her blog.

Kersey of And We Play is an example of a fun and informative Pinterest account, whose narrative expresses who she is and what types of content she loves through whimsical words and creative board titles.