Blogging 101: Contact Page Ingredients

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

A well-crafted contact page can mean the difference between landing an amazing sponsorship/collaboration or simply falling through the cracks. Sponsors and even other bloggers spend a lot of time looking through blogs to find the next person that is perfect for a project - if they can't find your contact page for a quick email, then who is to say they take the time to poke at you through social media or not?

Why not create the perfect contact page and make it easy for everyone? Here is what we think you should include:

  • Your email and/or an email response form
  • Who should contact 
  • Why they should contact you
  • Any explanations related to contacting you 
  • Other methods of contacting you 

Keep things as succinct and simple as possible, while still maintaining the voice of your blog. Now, sit back and enjoy making new connections.