Friday Links: Tackle Your Media Kit in Three Easy Steps

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Although we shared with you yesterday why you need to Share Your Plan and Your Successes with a Media Kit, the hardest part is understanding what that should look like for you. Just like resumes, it can look different for everyone, but it should remain an extension of your blog with consistent photos, fonts, voice, and style.

Media Kit Examples and How to Resources

To make things a little easier for you we have been compiling a few examples and articles over on Pinterest.

Sneak a peek at Bre's Media Kit over at Design Love Fest. Notice how it reflects her blog seamlessly.

Lee shares her Media Kit on her blog Fit Foodie Finds and even offers a template to buy.

Alt Speaker Jillee disclosed everything on her blog One Good Thing.

And, to get you started, Nag offers a free template for bloggers to work with over at Recipe Tin Eats.

How to Plan Your Media Kit in Three Steps 

We know that Media Kits can be scary, elusive, and downright daunting. But the truth is that you would not expect to land any other job without a resume and blogging is no different. Put these three things on your to-do list this weekend and get the leg work done!

  1. Do your research (we got you started on Pinterest) and ask a couple friends if you can take a peek at theirs.
  2. Write down and complete each of the elements listed in our last post Share Your Plan and Your Success with a Media Kit.
  3. Make a list of design-musts that you want to include in your kit.

Now, all you have left is the actual design and composition of your media kit! Whether you hire someone to help or do it yourself, make sure to take some quality time to put your best foot forward.

You got this!