Put Your Personal Touch on Alt Summer 2015

Can you believe we're 48 days away from Alt Summer? As excited about the event as we are?

Wanti to have a more active role than attendee? Here's your chance! We have two opportunities for you to contribute and get a ticket to the event in exchange.

Help Throw Thursday's Picnic Party

This summer we're throwing an outdoor Picnic Party at the Grand America. It will be a gorgeous event filled with lawn blankets, adorable mini meals, and loads of laughter.

But the best part? We are looking for several teams to design one element to add to the party. And if chosen, each team will be given three tickets to Alt Summer! Send the following information to kelly@altitudesummit.com before 5 PM PT on April 24th to enter:

  • A link to your Instagram photo entry, which should include one original, styled photo that showcases a picnic element or craft. Add the hashtag #AltPicnicParty and @AltSummit
  • Name and contact information of the team leader
  • Name and links for other team members

Lead a Friday Tour

Host a foodie tour of the town, highlight your favorite places to shop, take a hike in the nearby mountains, go thrifting, or get creative and share something no one has thought of before! Whatever it is that you know best, or do best, we want to hear about it!

If you are chosen to host a Friday tour, we will cover your ticket to Alt Summer and send people your way to sign up! Submit the following to kelly@altitudesummit.com to enter:

  • Name of your blog/business/association (link included)
  • Why you would make an excellent tour guide of the SLC area
  • Where you would take your group and for how long - include a brief itinerary
  • How you plan on transporting people (walking, meet up, rent a van, etc.)
  • How many people can join your tour

One last thing, make sure that you share your plan on Instagram with the hashtag #altsummit_tours @AltSummit

Get Your Ideas in Soon!

Here’s a gentle nudge to act quickly, because you only have until Friday, April 24th at 5PM PT to take advantage of these opportunities. 

We look forward to hearing from you! Good luck!