Some Things Stay The Same: Part Two

By: Sara Urquhart; Photos by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

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The changes we’ve seen in recent years in business and communication are exciting and relevant to our space. It’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest. However, while you embrace the new, don’t forget the value of more traditional means of promoting brands, products, and stories. Many things change, but some things stay the same, for example:


Good mailings still work. It’s always been fun to receive something interesting in the mail, but it’s especially wonderful now that it’s fairly rare.

Our inboxes are crowded, but our mailboxes have plenty of space for surprises. Clever, generous, interesting, beautiful, meaningful things get the most attention, so plan mailings well. Mailings may garner extra attention on social media as people write about and share the treasures that arrive in their mailboxes.

Good Old Fashioned Networking 

Networking still has tremendous value, so take advantage of networking opportunities.

  • Attend Alt and other conferences.
  • Decide whom you’d like to meet, and go to the events they attend so you can meet them.
  • Find out where your target audience gathers, and make sure you’re there, too.

Again, networking online can be effective, and it’s possible to build great partnerships online, but don’t dismiss traditional networking. Making eye contact and shaking hands has always built good business relationships, and it always will.