Some Things Stay The Same: Part One

By: Sara Urquhart; Photos by: Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

New platforms and constant innovations in how we exchange information will always be exciting and relevant to business. In your enthusiasm for embracing new ways of sharing information, remember there are many traditional ways to promote your brand, business and story.

Press releases.

They’re an effective way to share new messages, products, and events, and they’re relevant to social media influencers as well as traditional media. Email press releases individually to a carefully selected, relevant audience; bulk email press releases are a big no-no. Be sure your press release is clever, relevant, and well-written so it stands out from the many, many others.

Phone calls.

Remember that if you have a good relationship with a contact and you have something meaningful enough to share, making a phone call is a great way to share that story. A conversation can not only strengthen your relationship by establishing a personal connection, but it can save time spent on back-and-forth emails and give you the opportunity to help someone see the significance of your brand’s story. As you talk, you may be able to address concerns or help someone see the angle that makes your story a perfect fit for their media outlet.

Real-life meetings.

Face to face meetings always strengthen connections. If you have a good relationship you’d like to nurture or your want to build a good relationship, take the time to meet in person. If your contact is local, meet for coffee or lunch. If not, travel to her town periodically. Even a quick meeting like drinks or coffee can go a long way toward building relationships, and having strong relationships is the foundation of success in this space.