Friday Links: A Clean and Clear, Creative Workspace

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Working from home - as most bloggers do - can be a challenging task at best. Then, mix in an unorganized and cluttered office and you have yourself a little cave of stress. Nobody wants that. Ideally your office should reflect the same zeal and feel that your brand represents. When your environment is clean, organized, and stylish, your work will follow suit.

These five bloggers are doing it right when it comes to organizing with style:

Chris Gardner from Man Made explains exactly how his workspace reflects the level of professionalism produced for his blog and the evolution of moving from chaotic to consistent.

Handmade Mood proves that any space can be repurposed for effective, efficient, and beautiful office. 

Haeley of Design Improvised showcases the elements necessary for a creating a beautiful office in a small space.

Liz from Say Yes proves that organization can be achieved on a small budget.

And, Ashley from Sugar and Cloth shows us how to create a beautiful and inspiring workspace from a less than perfect studio. But who are we kidding, her previous home office was just as stunning.

Other best practice suggestions might include:

  • eliminating unnecessary clutter by downsizing
  • utilizing the space you have by including enough storage
  • providing as much natural light as possible
  • using wall-space to your advantage