Five Ways to Break Up with Procrastination

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Procrastination is the worst. You do it, I do it, we all do it. But, why do we do it? And what is it doing to our self worth? It is like that frenemy that just keeps coming back. You enjoy them in the moment, but as soon as they leave you realize the damage that has been done.

Here are my five steps to avoid procrastination:

  • Call it out! If you find yourself doing it, ask yourself why?
  • Break it into parts. Start wherever you want! If the boring stuff is stressing you out, then get it over with. Or start with the fun stuff, which will lighten the mood and get the ball rolling.
  • Rethink the task at hand. If you don't like the direction it is going, change it.
  • Set a timer and focus on small tasks for small amount of time.
  • Make a list so you can cross things off of it.

At least one of these things is sure to help you kick it into gear. And chances are that if you don't snap out of it, you will only continue to circle around for a few more hours, feeling like rubbish, and wishing you wouldn't have wasted so much time. After all, Jordan of Oh Happy Day says it best, "Nothing will make you feel better, except doing the work."