Beginning: Advice Beyond "Just Start"

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

I have never heard a successful blogger not utter the phrase "just get started." Easier said than done, I agree.

There has to be some planing right? A business plan in place, a motto, an about page that makes you seem cooler than you are, yet genuine - an everyday person who just happens to be amazing on the side. Talk about the pressure!

So first I say: don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. We are all on different pages, and what might look like instant success for one blog might actually have been years in the making. You just never know, so don't assume you are not as skilled.

Second: getting started does not mean jumping in blind. Go to a conference, grab a journal and write or sketch or do whatever once every day, and experiment with the direction you want to go.

I think that those successful bloggers (you know the ones I am talking about, who were blogging before blogging was a thing) give that advice because that is what they did. And there is value in getting started without much knowledge because there is room to experiment, to grow, and to learn by doing something you love. 

Starting doesn't always have to be about money, success, or Internet fame. Sometimes it just needs to be a place where you are free to find yourself, in your own way, in your own time. But in order for any of that to occur, there needs to be action.

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