Creating Originality in a Sea of Bloggers

By: Kelly Smith; photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Teenagers are often accused of making bold statements to express who they are or who they want to be. They make lots of mistakes along the way, but eventually settle into a true representation of who they are.

Aren't bloggers at least a little bit similar? When a blog first launches it is all about being bold, letting people know exactly what there is to offer, explaining what the protocol will be, and expressing a vibe, style, and voice. Mistakes are made, but over time a true voice, rhythm, and style is established naturally.

During an Alt Chat in the middle of December, we gathered together to rally spirits and discuss how exactly can we be original in a world full of millions doing the same things. What came from the chat was perfect. Many left feeling vitalized, reassured, and ready to move forward as their own self.

Here are some favorite snippets of the conversation.

  • Originality is NOT necessary for short term success (i.e., boy bands), BUT for longevity it is a must! - Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women
  • People want to see things they've never seen before, but I think there is wisdom in knowing what has worked for others. - Christy of Avoiding Atrophy
  • Be thoughtful and confident in what you write next. Stay focused and organized - you know, the uszh. - Bobby of Even If Nobody Reads This
    • When working on a project, stop doubting your gut. I sometimes re-think my original intention and get lost in doubt. - Bre Paulson of bre pea.
    • Let things influence you, but allow yourself to create and grow on your own. Search within to find your own place. - light rust studio
    • I tend to get inspired when I'm creating. I pause, capture the idea, and then set a time for revisiting all the parked ideas. - Eden Hensley of The Road to the Good Life
    • Being original means being true to yourself. Don't try to shove yourself into a formula or follow too much advice. - Melanie of Melanie Beihle

    When it comes down to it, we are all here together - experimenting, making mistakes, and creating each day in order to figure out who we are, what we want, and how to express it most effectively. Teenagers are just a bit more obvious - or so we like to think.

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