Organization 101: Three Tips for Getting Started

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

As bloggers, business people, and entrepreneurs it is safe to say that keeping organized is essential to success. But it is also safe to say that organization does not come naturally for some of us, myself included.

Let's all agree to carve out some time this weekend to set ourselves up for success once and for all!

1. I downloaded this Planner for bloggers in the beginning of the year. It includes monthly calendars, income/expense tracking sheets, to do lists, Pinterest tracking sheets, post idea and supply lists, sponsor tracking sheets, and so much more. All I need to do is print it off and start using it. This past Alt Summit article Content 101: Publishing Consistently is a great reminder of why planning is best practice.

2. Update my reader list. I use Feedly to keep up to date on my favorite blogs, but right now it is overrun with the same old stuff. I want to keep the inspiration and fresh perspective alive after Alt Winter and adding new people/blogs to my feed will be just the thing I need. Another article from the archives Maximizing Online Efficiency has a few more tips for keeping online inspiration from overwhelming you.

3. Next I plan on adding HootsuiteBitly, and Iconosquare to my desktop bookmarks. The plan here is to spend less time scrolling on my phone and more specific dedicated time doing real effective and targeted work from my office or coffee shop.

So there you have it. Three easy steps that you can do this weekend that will jump start your year, even if it is already February - it is never too late to start.