Alt Chat Wednesday: Owning Your Awesome!

By: Eden Hensley; Photo by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Have you been poring over recaps of Alt Summit Winter? If you haven’t, you may have missed a theme.

Briton Alo declared that “Alt … can be hard on your confidence. … And sometimes you feel small and lost in the middle of a lot of greatness.”

Dallas Clayton told us “[We] have just as many answers as everyone else.” (Lucy of Good Dogs & Co expands on this in her recap.)

Erin of Design for Mankind expressed it as “permission to follow [your] gut… and let[ing] yourself be here.”

Lisa Congdon talked about her insecurities and how you need to own it and own all of it, not just the pretty, but the messes too. She gave us permission to let go of the idea that it will all someday be perfect. (Brooke of Designers Collective includes all four of Lisa’s lessons in her recap.)

However you couch it, the theme that emerged is: it’s hard to own your awesome. You may be able to see it in others and help them see it for themselves. But when it comes to our own awesomeness, we’re a little blind.

So let’s do something! Let’s look at our visions of ourselves and really examine those images.

Our awesome guides our path to success and until we recognize it, we can’t truly appreciate that we can do whatever we want. (Check out Eva of Sycamore Street Press’s recap of this key takeaway for examples of Alison’s, Elle’s, Alma’s, and her awesomeness.)

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