Alt Winter 2015 Mini Parties, Part 1

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

One of the highlights of Alt Winter are the closing night mini parties. For three hours, rooms are transformed and guests are transported to other times and places. Here's a taste of three of our Friday night mini parties from this year's Alt Summit. (Six more highlighted next week!)

We were so thrilled with the level of sophistication and FUN that they brought to the evening.

A Tokyo Dream

HIVE created a very memorable room inspired by a Tokyo Dream with the help of local bloggers including Hailey, Ginger, Ashley and Jane. The experience included everything from an illuminated dance floor to a wall covered with origami cranes. Drinks were served from a "food truck" and music kept the guests hopping.

A Chocolate Lover's Delight

Lindt Chocolate not only filled the room with delicious chocolate to taste, but they invited Jordan of Oh Happy Day to create an out of the box photo booth that turned everyone upside down. 

Cocktails were served and guests mingled while sampling the delicious, newly realized flavors of Lindt Chocolates.

Camp Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints took everyone glamping with the help of Alix of A Ruffled Life

Guests snacked on campfire s'mores and indulged in a photo booth, while others lounged amidst beautiful pillows, cozy blankets, soft lit by candles. And did you see that tent? Central to the room was an amazing escape for friends to take a break from the hustle and bustle and catch their breath.

For many attendees, the Friday night mini parties are a highlight of the event. So much creativity, imagination, and time goes into these ephemeral spaces. 

A HUGE thank you to HIVELindt, and Tiny Prints and the bloggers, Hailey, Jane, Jordan, and Alix, who helped them bring these moments to life!