Alt Chat Wednesday: Jumpstarting Collaborations

By: Eden Hensley; Photos by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

It’s often said two heads are better than one. When you’re a solo entrepreneur or a small business that second head takes the form of collaboration. But how do you incorporate collaboration into your process? Where do you find potential partners? And when you find them, how do you approach them?

Join the Alt community and our co-host La Crema, a long-time collaborator with Alt, on Twitter Wednesday morning (tomorrow) at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET for an hour-long chat about collaboration. We will be talking about how you find and approach potential collaborators, tips for getting to know them before you pitch your idea, and more.

New to Twitter chats? You can find all the details on how to participate in a live Twitter chat here.

Virtual Vintner Crowd Sourced Wine Project

Before the chat, get to know La Crema. Over the past few months, their winemaker and community have been participating in a crowd sourced vined project, Virtual Vintner.

This project has been a collaboration between their winemaker and all those La Crema fans who have made decisions along the way. The “Virtual Vintner” community has shaped the journey and the final wine, which will be something unlike any of their other offerings.

And, they need you! As part of the final stage of Virtual Vintner, they need participants to vote on a new wine label. Everyone who votes is entered to win 2 tickets to Alt Summer 2015 plus $1,000 for expenses. Visit Virtual Vintner; cast a vote and collaborate with La Crema!

Resources to Jumpstart Your Collaborations

Can’t make tomorrow’s live #AltChat? Check out these resources from the archives to jumpstart your 2015 collaborations!