Alt Winter 2015 Recaps Part Five

By: Eden Hensley; Photos by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

How we form our impression of an event depends on three things: the people we meet, the things we learn, and the event itself.

Today's round up of recaps gives you a taste of all three.

The People You'll Meet

Brooke of Designers Collective tells you a secret or two about the people you'll meet.

Alyssa of The Sparkly Life introduces you to 45 sites you should visit (aka the people she met at Alt Summit).

The Things You'll Learn

Cathie of Tinsel + Trim shares her top three takeaways.

Lucy of Good Dogs & Co learned three lessons.

Zina of Mom's Stuff reveals twelve tips she gleaned.

The Event Itself

Jenica of A Slice of Style walks you through her experience with insights from every session she attended in two recaps.

Kelly of Design Crush, a sixth time attendee of Alt Summit, sums up her experience (and includes links to her recaps from prior conferences).

Add Your Recap

Joining this recap round up party late? Here are the links to the rest of the series: Brooke and Justin's PhotosPart OnePart TwoPart Three, and Part Four. Attend Alt Winter 2015 and have a recap of your own? Send me an email at