Alt Winter 2015 Photos

By: Kelly Smith; Top photo by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

One of the very first things my husband asked me when I got home from Alt was "So, did you use that big camera of yours or just lug it around the airport?". Truth be told, I tried to use it the first day, but my photos just were not turning out. Thankfully that is okay because Alt hires amazing photographers to do all the hard work so that we can all focus more on enjoying the conference and less about capturing every moment. It is genius really!

To get your hands on the photos from Alt Summit Winter 2015, visit this link to One Drive to find our specific folders. Go ahead and download to use or print off - for free. Just make sure that you credit our long-time photographers Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis. They do such a fantastic job at not only capturing each moment, but also getting them to us so quickly.

Stay tuned for more information on where to find images from the various photo booths. So far, the team from the Flannel Disco party has shared the images from their photo booth. We'll share the others in round up posts as they come in! 

Visit this post that Eden wrote last summer for more specific instructions on how to credit both Justin and Brooke appropriately. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Also, be sure to use the hashtag #altsummit on any of your conference reports and email a link, so that we can include it in a roundup on the Alt blog and spread the love!