Friday Links: Making Brand Partnerships Look Easy

By: Kelly Smith; Photo by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit 

We often hear that going to Alt is like the best three day hug, it is a great time to reconnect with friends, make new ones, and find support among likeminded people. But as much as Alt is about that, it is also about connecting with brands and building in person relationships.

Here are five Alt alumni who make it look easy everyday.

Corrine of Mint and Arrow utilizes sponsorship and affiliate programs to bring the best of high end fashion to real women on a budget.

Alison of The Alison Show took relationships directly made at Alt and her passion for making people realize their awesome potential and turned it into a trek across the country throwing parties.

Brittney from The House of Lars Built brings her unique and beautiful style to a wide variety of partnerships seamlessly.

Jordan of Oh Happy Day balances her work with brands by providing daily organic and original non-sponsored content, keeping her brand's focus clear and true to her.

Melissa of Lu Lu The Baker was building her dream home and after meeting Better Homes and Garden at Alt landed a magazine, online, and media integrated series following her building process and sharing details.

Whether you are just starting out and not sure how to approach brands or have been working with them for years, these five are worth checking out.