A Proper Party Deserves Proper Hair!

By: Monica Lee; Photos from Harper's Bazaar 

...Or at least pretty hair. I have been obsessed with hair ever since my mother cut my hair into a pixie as a young girl.

My obsession has usually revolved around color but recently, I am all about the accessory!

When I saw that the Thursday night party was a Stylish take on the Proper Downtown Abbey, I thought this is a great opportunity to have fun with accessorizing your mane! 

The beauty of hair trends now is that messy elegance is in and coifed is out. This is perfect for a girl like me, who never really had the patience to tame fly aways. Just grab some sparkly clips, pin a bunch of them in and you have instant glamour!

Whether your hair is long or short, try simple loose twists, fun bobby pins, jeweled head bands or even a few stolen flowers (I won't tell.) You will have added just the right touch to your outfit.

Dressing up your hair instead of your neck gives you a chance to leave the borrowed jewels and body guards at home.