Saturday Tours - Alt Winter 2015

Beginning next Thursday afternoon, attendees of Alt Winter 2015 will be able to sign up for a Saturday Tour. Tours are totally optional. But, if you are around on Saturday morning, they're a fun way to get out and see a little of Salt Lake City.

Here's what's on the tour schedule. No matter what you choose, a day full of adventure will surely be had! 

Walking Tours

Curious about the history of SLC? Then join in on the historic walking tour of downtown with Jenica Parcell. Stops include Temple Square, historic Tabernacle, Beehive House, and Lion House Bakery (yum!).

Amanda Tennant has a special gift for urban typography spelunking. Join her for an intriguing lesson in the search of beautiful letter forms.

Grab your camera and head outside with Sara Neal for a photography tour of street art/murals downtown - and a totally necessary bakery stop along the way.

In need of some hands-on photography experience? Then grab your camera and head outside with Kamie Marshall. On this tour you will work with models, learn how to adjust to outside weather on the fly, learn tricks for helping others feel confident in front of the camera, and learn overall tips for better pictures. 


The thrifting scene in Salt Lake City is legendary. Hit the pavement with Stasia Savasuk for a thrifting tour that includes DI, Decades, Our Store, and Maeberry Vintage.

Itching for a little bargain shopping? Join Carly Morgan for breakfast followed by the Sundance and Overstock Outlets.


Or, hold onto the Snowbasin ski pass you'll receive during check-in, hail a cab and head to the slopes! If you plan on taking advantage of the beautiful runs while you are in the area, be sure to bring your skiing gear!