How To Charge Up Your Blog’s Reach with Flipboard

By: Jenn de la Vega

Editor's Note: We have seen members of our community grow successfully using Flipboard and its tips. They are a great strategy for some, maybe you.

As a blogger or content creator, it can be hard to be everywhere on the Internet at once. Creating content and then promoting it across social media can take up your whole day! Luckily, a few new tools and Flipboard partnerships can help you create a strong presence, expand the one you’ve worked on so hard, and get things done quicker with more reach.

Sharing Is Flaring

Whether you work on a browser or on-the-go, the Chrome extension and mobile bookmarklet can help you bring anything from the web into a Flipboard magazine. This means that you can quickly bring your blog archive to Flipboard as well as curate inspiration magazines that your fans can follow.

Spark it up! Not only does Flipboard amplify your reach within followable topic streams, regularly pumping your blog content to Flipboard magazines tends to perform better in search results.

Flip From Hootsuite

If you use Hootsuite for managing multiple social media accounts and hashtag campaigns, you’ll be happy to know that you can bring your tweets and status posts to Flipboard without opening another browser window. Click here for step-by-step installation instructions.

Utilize Share Plugins

Flipboard is now an option on AddThis, ShareThis, AddtoAny and Shareaholic plugins. These services offer many ways to add custom share buttons, recommended related content and share counts to your blog posts. It can be difficult to determine the magic combination of social networks your readers use, but offering a larger range of share options can allow for more sharing in general. Here is a comprehensive installation guide for popular CMS platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace and Tumblr.

If you’re completely new to Flipboard, let us help you get started with some popular ways to make magazines and tips on how to be ridiculously interesting.

Here are a few examples of magazines in action:

  1. Flipboard User Guide by Flipboard Club: A developing resource to help you learn and master Flipboard.

  2. #MagsWeLove by Flipboard staff: Flip forward, then tap on any cover in this selection of great MagMaker-created magazines.

  3. Frontpage+ by Flipboard Club: Modern lifestyle weekend magazine with multiple contributors.

This post is sponsored by Flipboard, a long-time Alt Summit sponsor.