5 Places to Grab Breakfast in Downtown Salt Lake City

By: Carly Morgan; Photos by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

At Alt Summit, the one meal you are on your own for is breakfast. But never fear, whatever your dietary preferences, Carly of Ever Clever Mom has a pick for you! 

In addition to Carly's five picks, the Grand America Hotel has options too! If you are feeling exceptionally hungry try the buffet at the Garden Cafe restaurant. If a light bite is more your style, the Lobby Lounge with coffee drinks, fresh fruit, and pastries may be right for you.

Little America Hotel.

The hotel across the street from the Grand America has a wonderful breakfast buffet, but if you are just looking to grab a quick breakfast with friends I would recommend the Little America Hotel Coffee Shop. The food is good, the service is fast, and the decor is pretty charming.

Eva’s Bakery.

This tiny restaurant is just a couple of blocks up main street and they’ve done some pretty amazing things with bread. The croissant sandwich is my favorite.

The Rose Establishment.

A great coffee shop with a fun atmosphere and the best porridge menu in town. They’re vegan-friendly with on-site wi-fi so this is also a great place for sneaking off if you need to decompress.

Lamb’s Grill.

This is a historic favorite for locals with lots of comfort foods on the menu.

Blue Lemon.

This is my favorite downtown breakfast spot, located in the City Creek shopping center right across from Temple Square. Don’t miss their lemon blueberry pancakes - so good!