What to Expect at an Alt Conference

Photos by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

First time at an Alt Summit conference and feeling a little unsure of what to expect? Hopefully this post will clear up some questions and help you feel at ease.

Check in: 

Get an official badge, look over the schedule, and say a quick hello. Then head over to a nearby bulletin board and put your business card on display.


These happen in the largest room and everyone is welcome to attend at the same time. Grab a chair, get comfortable, and be inspired!

Breakout Sessions: 

There will be five different Breakout Sessions (including the early bird session on Wednesday) over the course of the conference. Three different talks will happen at the same time with different topics - you pick which one you want to attend, but choose wisely because there won't be any repeats.


A large conference room will be filled with round tables, each hosting a different topic. Some people move from table to table getting a taste for multiple topics and others stick to one table getting in-depth perspective and insight from the host. The same set of Roundtables will be available both Thursday and Friday, so don't feel too rushed to fit everything in all at once.

Design Camps: 

These are meant to be a hands-on experience to learn a specific skill taught by leading experts in the field. Space may be limited, so if you have your eye on something particular get in line and don't be late. These will be offered both Thursday and Friday during the Roundtables.

Sponsored Lounge Rooms: 

Each day different lounges are taken over by a particular sponsor and sometimes several sponsors will be in the same lounge. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself, ask questions, make contacts, and rest, play a game, or make a craft.

Hallway Desks:

Experts in a variety of areas will be sitting at desks in the hallway to personally answer all your burning questions between 9:00am and 4:00pm on Thursday and Friday. 

Alt Reps and staff will be all over the place so please feel free to stop any of us to ask questions - we can't wait to see you in a few days!