Conferences 101: The Follow Up

By: Kelly Smith; Top photo by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Okay. So you just spent an amazing four or so days in the oh-so-glamorous Grand America with the most amazing group of people who are just as excited about making as you. And you spoke with sponsors who were actually interested in what you have to offer. But now you are home and you just kind of want to soak it all in and take a nap.

Not so fast. The conference may have concluded, but if you take your nap now you might just miss the most important part - the follow up.

Here are my tips:

Sort your cards - business, collaboration opportunities, sponsors, friends, etc.

Make contact - depending on the person and opportunity, it might be a simple tweet, Instagram comment, or an email letting them know it was nice to see them at Alt.

Photo by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Follow up - in the next couple of weeks send an email that reminds them how you met and/or what you spoke about, followed by a pitch (idea, collaboration project, or a meet up). 

Create an action plan - you just learned a ton of information, now is the time to follow up on the goals you made going into Alt, revamp long-term goals, and commit to an action plan.

Photo by b.a.d. photography for Alt Summit

Pros and Cons - write down what you did well going into the conference and what you could improve on next conference. Whether you decide to share this with others or keep it for self improvement, it will prove to be valuable going into the next round. 

Soak it in-  Congratulations, you have now completed your Alt experience - go ahead and take that nap!

Are we missing any tips? If so, please share with us how you follow up after a conference in the comments below or tag with #altsummit.