Getting Smart with Facebook

By: Laura Trevey Photo by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Are you turned off by the decline of Facebook’s organic reach? I know I am. However, Facebook is still worth it.

It is no surprise that Facebook has changed the way people see your content. With the recent algorithm change by Facebook, each post on my brand page is reaching a small percentage of total fans. Is this a problem? Yes. But, does that mean you abandon your brand Facebook page altogether? No.

Here are five ways to make Facebook work for you.  

Pay only for the clicks you want and need. It is clear that Facebook wants me to pay for reach. That is okay. I do my homework, and pay for the clicks I really want and need.

Reach the specific audience you are targeting. Using Facebook ads, I am able to reach the specific audience I am targeting. When I create a Facebook ad campaign, I am able to choose which type of engagement I want. Sometimes I want clicks through to a particular website. Other times, I want to promote community and receive post and page likes. I like that Facebook gives me so many options. I narrow and define my audience for each FB campaign by selecting a specific age range, location, language, etc.

Post only what is on brand and of interest to your audience on your brand page. The algorithm change has forced me to be smarter about what I post to my brand page. I think about each image, relevant link and appropriate hashtags.

Review your Facebook insights and use them to find the best days and times to expand your reach. I look at my Facebook insights to see which posts are popular with my fans. Then, I try to give them more of what they want. I also look at posting times. By checking my insights, I can tell what time of day is better to post with my audience. I vary the timing of my posts, and see what works best.

Really get to know your audience. The better I know my audience, the more successful I am with engaging with them. I get in the conversation, I ask questions, and I always answer back.