Content 101: Improving Your Visuals

By: Eden Hensley Photo by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

When you create content, you need to think beyond what you want to say to how you will present your message and how people will see it. Along with the layout of your content (how easy it is to scan), great visuals mean the difference between a first time visitor clicking away from your blog or stopping for awhile.

Whether you are creating your own images or using third-party images, it is important to recognize what makes an image compelling. This helpful Photography 101 series from Justin Hackworth shows how lighting, composition, and depth of field can invoke a sense of mystery that pulls your reader into your prose. (If you would like a quick refresher of the various settings on your camera, refer to this walkthrough from Jennifer of Sugar Photographs. You will be moving past your camera's Auto setting in no time at all.)

Before using any third-party images, familiarize yourself with photography copyright. Just because you found an image on the Internet does not mean you can use it without permission, even if you credit the photographer.