The Art of Exchanging Business Cards

By: Eden Hensley Photos by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Business cards shared by creatives are an art form. Because so much thought and energy goes into these creations, we like to give attendees to our conferences the opportunity to show them off. This year DENY Designs provided magnetic boards for us to display our business cards. 

In previous recaps, we featured business card round ups from Tan of Squirrelly Minds, Courtney of Courtney Khail Watercolors, and Ciera of Ciera Design. Here we share some of the business cards attendees created for our Alt Summit Summer conference as well as business cards round ups from our Alt Summit Winter conference.

The Business Cards of Alt Summit Summer 2014

The Business Cards of Alt Summit Winter 2014

About Those Boards

Attendees at both our Alt Summit Winter and Alt Summit Summer conferences shared their cards on magnetic boards created by DENY Designs. DENY is a modern, think-outside-the-box home furnishings company based in Denver, Colorado. They empower customers to transform dull everyday household accessories into fun and original statement pieces by adding a personal image or selecting artwork from the DENY Art Gallery. With each purchase from the Gallery, their team of talented artists donate part of the proceeds, enabling DENY to support art communities all over the world while also spreading the creative love!