Looking for Inspiration

By: Eden Hensley Photos by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Earlier this summer, members of the Alt Community paused from their busy schedules for an hour-long Twitter chat about where they find inspiration. While a few searched for inspiration online, many got away from their computers and physically went somewhere.

If you are in a creative rut or grappling with writer's block, here are ten free or low cost ideas to help you get inspired: 

  1. "Taking deliberate breaks to experience real life outside the computer" - Kayla of Freckles in April
  2. "Taking a break from Pinterest and reading blogs--being immersed in others' work can make me self-conscious and LESS inspired" - Sandra of Raincoast Creative Salon
  3. "Setting aside time to get out of my head when "analysis paralysis" sets in. Walks are good." - Sport of Meanest Look
  4. "Musicals. How to Succeed in Business, An American in Paris, that's the stuff for inspiration!" - Heidi of Hands Occupied
  5. "Wandering the aisles in a local library" - Eden of The Road to The Good Life
  6. "Room to think. Favorite notebook and pen, desk, and peace and quiet." Koseli of Original Archiving Co.
  7. "Daydreaming" - Lisa of Lisli: The Journal
  8. "Visiting galleries with art that challenges me" - Sandra of Raincoast Creative Salon
  9. "Research is the BEST" - Heidi of Hands Occupied
  10. "Chatting with creative folks" - Erica of aftcra: crafted by American Hands

How do you stay inspired? Please share your favorite ways in the comments below or with us on Twitter or Facebook. We love hearing what inspires you!

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