Alt Chat Wednesday: Harnessing the Power of No

By: Eden Hensley Photo by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Many of us relish our paper to do lists, especially the thrill we get when we cross off a completed item. More likely than not there are a couple of items on your to do lists that just languish: unfinished DIY projects, a follow up email or call with a sponsor, invoices that have not yet been generated, or something else.

Why items linger on our to do lists varies. But as creatives and entrepreneurs we need to get better about tackling these drains on our energy. One way to do that is to harness the power of no.

Join the Alt community Wednesday morning (tomorrow) July 30 at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET for an hour-long chat about the art of saying no. Follow @Altsummit on Twitter for questions that will get you thinking about whether or not you are using no as effectively as you could. Set up a search for the #AltChat hashtag on your favorite Twitter client to see everyone's answers. Engage in the conversation by answering the questions posed by @AltSummit and connect with other participants by including the #AltChat hashtag in your replies. If you would like your responses to appear on the Alt Summit home page under Buzz from Alt be sure to also include the #AltSummit hashtag in your tweets.